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2021 High School Registration is OPEN!

We have been cautiously optimistic and are excited to announce that registration is open!!!

CLICK HERE to start your registration, or find it under the main menu.

Per OSAA Guidelines, Lacrosse is part of their "season 3" group schedule which will likely look like this for lacrosse:

None-Metro League dates:

Game 1: April 12-16

Game 2: April 19-21

Metro League dates:

Game 1: April 22-23

Game 2: April 26/27

Game 3: April 29-30

Game 4: May 3-4

Game 5: May 6-7

The exact schedules are being worked on as we speak and there will likely be some fluctuation between Boys' schedule and Girls' schedule, but we are looking at a 7 game regular season, with playoffs happening from May 10th-22nd. 



1. COSTS & FEES were tough to navigate this preseason and are obviously a bit different given the shortened schedule, but we still plan to start practicing on Feb. 8th which means we still incur coaching, field, equipment, and insurance costs for almost 4 full months. We have looked at a bunch of options & have been creative and found ways to reduce the impact of these costs for everyone as much as possible. Noting that our goal is still to provide the best value while being able to have fun, be safe, and develop skills & character growth for our young athletes. The dues for the 2021 spring season will be $250. 

2. PAYMENT PLAN & REFUND POLICY is special for this season as well. We decided to take a different approach in hopes to protect our members from paying early then needing refunds or reimbursement IF Covid-19 shut down the season again. We are hopeful that won't happen, but with that in mind, we plan to have you pay dues once the season is confidently in full swing which means we'll take payments on May 1st. This will be enough time to determine if we will need to cancel or if we are good to go before we take your payment. Our registration system requires we take a "first payment" upon registration so we set that to be $1.00

Payment #1(Non-Refundable Deposit): Day of registration = $1.00

Payment #2(Remaining Balance): May 1st = $249.00

Because we will be well into the season before ever collecting the dues, we will not be offering refunds for any reason. This policy is to ensure that we can keep our financial commitments with all our vendors and fees for the season and keep the club in a healthy status for the following season.

3. PRACTICE & CONDITIONING Starts Feb. 8th. Both Girls & Boys teams will be on the field twice a week on Mondays & Fridays. Practice times will be between 7:30-9:30, your coaches will communicate exact practice times. Official in-season practices start April 5th. 

4. MASKS/FACE COVERINGS AND "RETURN TO PLAY" PROTOCOL are also some interesting topics we had to navigate while planning this season, we have developed a "Return To Play" protocol as part of our requirement to gain field access for the season. It is based around the latest CDC guidelines and will be something we modify and pay close attention to throughout the season, in the interest of safety while making sure we follow the guidelines at all times to ensure our athletes can have the complete season they deserve. We are getting the final approval on this protocol and will put a linked copy of it in the "Forms & Links" section of the website as soon as it's approved. That being said, face coverings that block both the mouth and nose completely will be required by all coaches, players, and any field staff at all times while participating in Mountainside Lacrosse scheduled activities.


We are excited for all our Mavs to get back on the field while staying safe and are looking forward to a fun & successful season.


Mountainside Lacrosse

Mountainside Lacrosse (MSL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting lacrosse in the catchment area of Moutainside High School in Beaverton, Oregon. Our mission is to provide financial and organizational support, and to grow the sport of lacrosse in our catchment area. We are an integrated program providing lacrosse for both girls and boys from Kindergarten through to 12th Grade.


We are looking to expand our support at the youth levels this year. Please let us know if you're interested in coaching at any of the following levels - Girls 3/4, 5/6, &7/8 or Boys 3/4, 5/6, &7/8. No lacrosse experience is necessary, just enthusiasm and a desire to help grow the game. Trendy coaching apparel will be provided. Email us if you're interested.

WELCOME! Our 2021 Season Title Sponsor.

Bob Lanphere’s Beaverton Kia and the Lanphere Family of Dealerships, proudly serving the Beaverton community since 1964!



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